GSC13: Bern Szukalski

“Geodesign is arriving at the best, most achievable, and sustainable solution.” -Bern Szukalski, 2013

Bern demonstrated some of the latest developments of ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Online.

– ArcGIS:

  • – Is a platform for geographic understanding
  • – Applications, data, services, API’s
  • – For professionals, developers, consumers, students, etc.

-ArcGIS Online:

  • – New GIS pattern
  • – You can store and manage content securely
  • – Create, publish, and share maps and apps
  • – It’s self-service
  • -It’s a collaboration of previous GIS applications


-ArcGIS Online:

– Webmaps:

– The new medium for geographic conversation

-It’s configurable

-It’s shareable

-ESRI Maps for Office:

-Meaning you can have a live map in a PowerPoint presentation

-Storymaps (

– It’s explorable, allowing one to find information on different locations simultaneously

-Community Analyst

-More to do with people

– You can pull up information on the community on a particular area; ie: crimes, etc.

-Landscape Analyst

– You can check out physical landscape features; ie: slope, topology, etc.

– Geoenrichment

– Provides information that is specific to cities, counties, states, or the entire USA

Bern provided us with ample amounts of information that made us all aware of how far ArcGIS has come in the recent times.

Check it out for yourself at:


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