GSC13: Al Reynolds

Al’s presentation was on Rural Land Stewardship in Tampa, Florida. Many of the rural landscapes are being turned into residential subdivisions. It’s been estimated that in 20 years Tampa will be over-developed with very little agricultural land or public land.

RLS (Rural Land Stewardship): is the idea of protecting the natural environment includes directing incompativle uses away from the wetlands and upland habitats, guide the growth of the rural landscape, and protect the agricultural areas.

To help with keeping the rural landscaping among the residential areas, land owners get credit for having a certain species (IE panther, etc) on their land due to the rural conservation of their land, instead of having their property de-valued.

In the town of Ave Maria, the owner of Domino’s Pizza funded the University to be built. He used the idea of Rural Land Stewardship.

Rural Land Stewardship protects the habitat, as well as manages and restores it back to original thriving conditions. RLS is an agricultural tool that will protect Florida’s natural resources as well as its agricultural heritage.

By geodesignsg

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