Geodesign Student Group Project Website:

This is where J. Bigelow has set up information about the speakers from the Geodesign Summit Conference that links to this blog.



Like us on Facebook! See updates of upcoming meetings and events, along with pictures of previous activities done with the group.


Geodesign Education Blog:

Links to the Geodesign Education Blog that is done by the faculty of the Geography/Planning/Recreation (GPR) department at NAU. Click the link to find out more!


GPR Homepage:

If you’re interested in Geography, Planning, or Recreation and are thinking of attending Northern Arizona University, click the link below for information on how you can get started!


See What Others Are Saying:

Below is a link to an article written in January 2013, by Matthew Vinsko for Northern Arizona University; this is Matthew’s blog. There is also a link to this official post on the NAU website in the Geography Education link.



This is a link to the ESRI homepage. They’re the founding fathers of Geodesign, and have some of the brightest minds in technology. Check out their page, you won’t be disappointed!


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